Maintenance contracts

Have a guaranteed peace of mind with our maintenance contract

For any equipment that we provide, we also offer our customer a maintenance contract to cover technical support, preventive maintenance, and remedial maintenance services.

Beside training sessions for final users and maintenance teams included when the machine is put into operation, a technical support can be provided to answer any of our customers’ questions regarding any additional training or specific usage of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance aims at implementing a plan of periodic monitoring for all equipment at our customers’ installations: i.e. replacing wear-and-tear parts, equipment examination operations, general functionality check. SBProcess creates a ticket after any preventive maintenance operation so that our customers are guaranteed that their equipment perform optimally.

Remedial maintenance aims at providing a diagnosis service (remote or on site) and a repairing service for any potential equipment failure, whether it is covered by the contractual warranty or not. Therefore, our customers know they can count on our quick and efficient intervention to minimise the impact of any failure on their production and consequently to maximise productivity.

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