Our industrial robotic solution

Design and integration of industrial robotic solutions

We conceive, design, and achieve industrial or collaborative robots (cobots) projects, which are integrated into your manufacturing processes, considering your productivity issues as well as your operational challenges.

Our skills in vision allow us to maximise your production in various applications, such as bin picking, assembly, sorting, collaborative applications, etc… By working on various and multiple projects, we acquired great skills on gripping hands, as well as on tracking, recognition, and quality control functions.

For industrial businesses looking to upgrade their industrialisation process, we develop specific solutions in order to automate your production lines.


An agile and proven methodology for your robotic integration projects


Functional analysis, research, and range of solutions

Step 1


3D-designs under Solidworks, dimensioning, detail plans, robotic simulation
Step 2


Manufacturing of mechanical parts and welded constructions
Step 3


Assembly, finalisation, delivery at our site
Step 4


Assembly, finalisation, delivery at the customer’s site
Step 5

6 good reasons to robotize
your industrial processes

Reducing the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and the arduousness for workers

ROI in less than 2 years

Improving permanent product quality and precision

Gaining competitive advantage and boosting the production performance

Promoting the operators’ work and ensuring their safety

Relocating some production

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