Retrofits of production lines

Upgrading your facilities through retrofitting

Our clients’ facilities need to evolve alongside the new generation of material and alongside the upgrade of the process/product needs.

To this end, SBProcess offer its customers various complete retrofitting projects, for special machines or pre-existing production lines.

Retrofitting a facility can take many forms, more or less advanced depending on the customer’s needs:

Evolution of the material configuration
Replacing the equipment (automations, variators, motors, ...) allowing our customers’ teams to enjoy the latest definitions sold and guaranteed by our partner suppliers, as well as the maintainability of their equipment
Providing a certification report, as required by the Low-voltage Directive

Via new process automation or robotisation

robotic arm@3x
Enhancing the ergonomics

Integrating HMI (human-machine interface), developing innovative designs to lessen the MSD (musculoskeletal disorders)

allowing to guarantee a constant production quality and to reduce the scraps

in collaboration with our partner certification bodies, as well those requested by the customer

Whatever your needs, we are committed to supply an installation that complies to today’s design standards and that can meet your expectations in terms of continuity and maintainability for production equipment.

Do you have a retrofitting project for your facilities?

An example of retrofitting

Customer need: Event institution
  • Retrofitting the system for one of their turntables
Scope of supply
  • Screening and sizing the solutions suited for the application: MMI (man-machine interface), automatons, variators, encoders,…
  • Integrating new machine control functions
  • Full compliance of the circuit diagrams
  • Construction of the electrical cabinet
  • Final delivery and commissioning at the customer facility
  • Driver ergonomics by integrating a HMI

  • New cabinet with guaranteed and more reliable standard components

  • Maintainability of the equipment

Do you have a retrofitting project for your facilities?