Special machines

Designing and manufacturing special machines

In order to meet its customers’ specific needs in terms of R&D or production, SBProcess develops and implements special machines which can complete any operation in an automated way.

The process applications for these special machines are diversified: winding/unwinding, assembling, bonding, handling packaging, measuring, …

These special machines can help maximise productivity, via the automation/robotisation of tasks previously made by operators, or via the improvement of cycle times.

The approach we offer for special machines projects is focused on answering the customer need.

After meeting the customer to identify this need, we develop concepts, quantify their potential and then present them to the customer for approval. Only once these concepts are approved do we start extensive studies of the solutions, by coordinating all the activities necessary for the design (mechanics/automation/robotics/vision).

For more efficiency, we do assemble and finalise our machines inside our own facilities. Our customers are then invited for a preliminary delivery, in order to confirm the functionality of the machine in regard to the need they expressed at the beginning of the project. This preliminary delivery greenlights the transport, installation, and commissioning on the customer premises, which result in the final delivery of the machine, followed by training courses for the end users and maintenance teams (training included in the project).

We develop a customised machine, as a turnkey equipment, based on your need.

Do you have a project regarding the construction of a special machine?

Manufacturing a special machine

Customer need, Painting products manufacturer
  • A mobile unit that can automatically drop plugs into cases on the customer production line
Scope of supply
  • Mechanical design and integration

  • Developing the automation and line interfacing

  • Integrating a vibrating bowl system to supply plugs

  • Finalising the vision system (plug orientation detection)

  • Finalising the robot (SCARA) and the gripping system

  • Preliminary delivery on our premises

  • Final delivery at the customer facility

  • Final delivery and commissioning at the customer facility

  • Enhancing the operator workstation

  • Optimising the cycle time (up to 60 lay/minute)

  • Driving ergonomics through the Man-machine interface

  • Safety: workstation complying with the Machinery Directive

Do you have a project regarding the construction of a special machine?