Our speed variation solutions for the industry

Sizing and installing a motorised system that fits your needs

Ever since its creation, SBPROCESS is the specialist for speed variation. Many industrial processes involve rotary systems and motorised actuators which need to be steered and regulated (synchronising axes of movement, positional control, and torque, effort or speed control, …) We identify on your behalf the best pairing of variator and motor, then we install, configure, and maintain this equipment over time.
We help you choose and install the right solution to steer, regulate and enhance your motor system!


An agile and proven methodology for your custom speed variation projects

To develop a speed variation solution that perfectly meet your needs, we deploy a 5-step approach:


Functional analysis of the needs or of the previous drive system.
Step 1


Screening and sizing the actuators, motors, variators, ...
Step 2


Integration of the variators and the cabinet automation
Step 3


Development, configuration, tests, and commissioning
Step 4


Monitoring, remote control and maintenance
Step 5

6 good reasons to install a speed variator suitable to your motor

Reducing the maintenance costs

Enjoying a variable speed on your industrial equipment

Entirely mastering the process

Saving energy

Extending the system life span

Integrating to the Industry 4.0

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