Training: Increase the performance of your teams

Training is the best way to develop and acquire new skills. Therefore we offer a wide range of training programmes for technicians and engineers, whatever your sector of activity, to meet your needs. These training courses are designed to improve your knowledge and increase your productivity. You will gain in efficiency, but you will also benefit from additional advantages such as increased personal safety and reduced downtime. SB Process Datadocké
  • SBPROCESS is referenced Datadock.
  • All of our training can be delivered on our premises, yours or online.
  • Choose the mode that suits you and book your program now!


Robot programming training

Formation Robot Yaskawa Niveau 2
Formation Robot Yaskawa Niveau 1
Formation Logiciel Motosim YASKAWA

Human-machine interface training

Formation IHM Siemens (WinCC, TIA Portal)
Formation IHM Proface (GP-Pro)
Formation IHM Schneider Electric (Vijeo Designer)

Speed variation training

Formation Variateurs Courant Continu Niveau 2
Formation Variateurs Courant Continu Niveau 1
Formation Variateurs Brushless Niveau 2
Formation Variateurs Brushless Niveau 1
Formation Variateurs Asynchrones Niveau 2
Formation Variateurs Asynchrones Niveau 1

Automation training

Formation Automates Parker Niveau 2
Formation Automates Parker Niveau 1
Formation Automates Siemens Niveau 2
Formation Automates Siemens Niveau 1
Formation Automates Schneider Electric Niveau 2
Formation Automates Schneider Electric Niveau 1
Formation Automates Proface