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MR Series Motors


These IE2 efficiency round frame asynchronous induction motors are suitable for use with the entire range of Parker AC Inverters. Featuring a durable rigid construction, these motors are specially engineered for use in heavy industrial applications. Featuring axial, In-Line force ventilation fan and optional 2048 ppr encoder, the round frame MR Series motor is suitable for general purpose open or closed-loop control applications. For higher dynamic performance, such as that required in printing or test rig applications, the MS series square frame vector motor should be considered.

• Light aluminium body up to and including 160 frame size. Cast iron construction over 160 frame
• IP55 Protection as minimum
• Foot, flange, or foot and flange mounting options
• Insulation Class F (IEC – EN60034 -1)
• Auxiliary cooling fan allowing low-speed operation
• 3x PTC thermistors embedded in motor stator as standard
• Holding brake or brake with hand release (Option)
• 2048 ppr encoder (Option)
• 2,4, or 6 poles (Option)

MR Round Frame Asynchronous Induction Motors – Specification Overview:
• Motor Type – Round Frame Asynchronous Motor
• Power Range – 0.09 kW … 315 kW
• Speed Range – 0 … 3000 min-1
• Protection Level – IP55
• Feedback – Encoder (optional)
• Suitable for drives – AC30V, AC690+, AC890, AC890PX-M