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2 to 300 A

DIGIVEX drives are available for power range from 0.37kW to 120kW and for 230V and 400V power supply.
Dedicated to the torque or speed control of axis or spindle brushless motors, DIGIVEX drive can be delivered in single-axis or multi-axis format.

  • Direct 230Vac and 400Vac power supply
  • Single-axis or multi-axes version
  • Integrated resistor or regenerative braking
  • High resolution analogue input
  • Integrated filters and feed forward
  • Complete integrated monitoring with Parvex Motion Explorer

Technical Specifications

Power supply :

230Vac ±10%, single phase or three phase, 400Vac ±10%, three phase ; 50/60Hz

Temperature :
0-40°C (derate by 20% per 10°C to 60°C max)

Altitude :
1000m (derate by 1% per 100m to 4000m max.)

Braking :
DSD: Integrated or external resistor
DMD : Integrated or external resistor or regenerative
DPD: Regenerative

Inputs / Outputs

2- Analogue inputs (16 bits and 10 bits ; ±10V diff.)
2- Analogue outputs (±10V), free assignment
4- Opto-isolated digital inputs
3- Opto-isolated digital outputs
Resolver input
Incremental encoder emulation output ; SSI ; SinCos
230Vac or 400Vac auxiliary input