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Description DLD series

2 to 7.5A

DLD is specifically developed for low power applications where optimum quality of control and very compact design are needed.
Combined with NX servo motors, they offer a powerful and economical servo system solution.

• Direct 230 Vac power supply
• Integrated EMC filter
• Integrated braking resistor
• High compacity
• 7-seg LCD display
• Easy parameter setting with Parvex Motion Explore

Technical Specifications

Power supply :
230Vac ±10%, single or three phase ; 50/60Hz

Temperature :
0-40°C (derate by 20% per 10°C to 60°C max)

Altitude :
1000m (derate by 1% per 100m to 4000m max.)

Braking :
DLD : Integrated resistor, connection of DC bus voltage in multi DLD applications for higher braking capacity.

Inputs / Outputs

2- Analogue inputs (14 bits and 10 bits ; ±10V diff.)
2- Analogue outputs (±10V), free assignment
5- Opto-isolated digital inputs
3- Opto-isolated digital outputs
Resolver input
230Vac auxiliary input
Incremental encoder emulation output