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Parker 638 series servo drives are suitable for all servo applications, from simple speed or current control to most complex positioning applications.

The processor in the 638 series provides control loop response time of just 105 µs.

Numerous expansion slots allow 638 series servo drives to reach a high degree of versatility, opening access to a wide variety of fieldbus communication and feedback sensor options.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated motion controller
  • 230 or 400 VAC direct power supply
  • EN954-1 category 3 safety input in standard
  • Ultra-fast control loops (105 µs)
  • Embedded PLC functions
  • Programmable electronic cam
  • 3 configurable trajectory generators
  • Multi-axis synchronization through process bus
  • Numerous fieldbuses options
  • Hiperface and SSI encoder inputs options
  • Optional flash memory chip for data storage
  • Simple commissioning and programming software

Technical Specifications

Power supply:
– 230 VAC Single/Three-phase (+/-10%) – 50/60 Hz
– 400/480 VAC Three-phase (+/-10%) – 50/60 Hz

Control supply: 24 VDC

Overload: 200% during 5 s

Operating temperature: 0-40°C (2% derating per °C between up to 50°C)

< 85% relative humidity non-condensing

Altitude: 1000 m (1% derating per 100m up to 4000 m)

Ingress Protection: IP20